Italian Nuts Brittle cake

Italian Nuts Brittle cake

From classic brittle with almonds and hazelnuts Sara Dolciaria has made amazing italian brittle cakes, proposed with both classical tastes and many new combinations.

Italian Nuts Brittle cakes, as the classic brittle, are made with simple ingredients and using the traditional method of processing.

From the craftsmanship work of Italian dried fruit and sugar, without adding flavorings or colorings, we obtain, after a short baking, the original and crispy cake, tasty and delicious.

Our Italian Nuts Brittle cake is about 2 kg and it can be portioned in 14 or 16 slices.

Our brittle cakes are produced with different ingredients:

  • Italian Brittle cake with peanuts
  • Italian Brittle cake with hazelnuts
  • Italian Brittle cake with pistachios
  • Italian Brittle cake with nuts
  • Italian Brittle cake with popcorn (EXCLUSIVE TASTE!!)

The cakes should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place.

Display of honey nuts crunch bar

Honey nuts cruch barIf you do not want to miss any of our tastes, choose our display with assorted flavors of honey crunch bar.

Within our counter display you will find 25 bars of 100 gr each, and you can customize your order by choosing your favorite tastes;

  • Honey crunch bar with pistachio
  • Honey crunch bar with almonds
  • Honey crunch bar with almonds and puffed rice

And yet  oney crunch bar with walnuts, honey cruch bar with hazelnuts, honey cruch bar with sesame seeds, and new this year, the honey cruch bar with popcorn!

The products of Sara Dolciaria are made with Italian craftsmanship and fresh and top quality ingredients, our brittle is also available sugar-free, and can be customized in the logo of the pack.

If you have special requests please contact us, our pastry chefs will make the right product for you!

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