Italian nougat with almonds, nuts and pistachio

Italian nougat with almonds, nuts and pistachio

Sara Dolciaria produces and markets many types of italian soft nougat, from the classic nougat with almonds, to the italian nougat with pistachios or hazelnuts, in other words a product collection of indisputable quality that melts in your mouth.

Italian nougat: the ingredients of tradition

Italian honey, sugar and egg white, Italian almonds, hazelnuts from Piedmont and Sicilian pistachios from Bronte, are the ingredients of our specialties. Our nougat is produced through a recipe handed down from generation to generation, that allows our company to produce the real Italian soft nougat.

Our production process is totally handmade and is based on the experience of our chef pâtissier and the result of a slow cooking.

Italian nougat: over 116 different flavors

Our company offers the widest range of sweet nougats, many new and innovative flavors, many curious and tasty combinations, infinite number of possible choices.

Looking for italian soft nougat cake with almond?
Here you can find over 116 different flavors!
>> Try the soft nougat cake with almonds and white chocolate

Looking for italian soft nougat cake with pistachio?
We have more than 20 models available!
>> Try the soft nougat cake with pistachio with each slices enveloped

Looking for italian soft nougat cake with  Exotic Fruit?
You can find it in 5 different formats!
>> Try the soft nougat cake with almonds and candied fruit

Looking for soft nougat cake with tiramisu? Or soft nougat cake with limoncello?

Or soft nougat cake with salted butter of Normandy?

Sara Dolciaria produces all of them and many other flavors!

Require our catalog with all our variants available!

Looking for single servings portion of soft nougat?

Nothing better than our counter displays, with mixed portions of soft nougat 100 gr to taste every time a different product!

Italian nougat: quality assurance

Italian nougat with almond nuts and pistachiosThe long experience in manufacturing and craftsmanship of nougat allows us to realize only products of excellent quality, paying particular attention to the needs of our customers and creating new products to surprise and improve our product range.

Have you already seen our nougat donuts?

Sara Dolciaria has made some nice donuts, available both of soft nougat or chocolate, and covered with sweet chocolate icing, available in a practical display of 18 pcs per 150g each.

Italian nougat: quality worldwide

Our products are exported all over the world; they are easily shippable: they do not require refrigeration and can be kept in a cool dry place. They have a shelf life of 18 months.

You are a retailer or wholesaler?
Request our product catalog and a free sample, you will discover an infinite range of tastes and flavors MADE IN ITALY!

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