Italian almond soft nougat cake

Italian almond nougat cake

Sara Dolciaria produces various kinds of nougat following traditional Italian artisan confectionary recipes.

The production ranges from classic crumbly nougat, to soft nougat, and soft almond nougat cake.

Sara Dolciaria offers a vast selection of soft nougat cakes in various shapes, from round nougat cakes, to rectangular ones.

Dolciaria Sara also offers customers the chance to personalize labels with company names and logos.

We produce about 45/50 varieties of soft nougat cakes including:

  • soft almond nougat cake
  • soft nougat cakes with nutella
  • soft nougat cakes with pistachios
  • soft nougat cakes with rum
  • soft nougat cakes with blueberries
  • soft nougat cakes with forest fruits,
  • and soft nougat cakes with limoncello liqueur

Just to mention a few taste, because the range of flavours is really vast and includes also classic chocolate nougat.

Slice of soft cake nougat with pistachioSlice of nougat cake with exotic fruitsSlice of cake soft nougat TiramisùSingle wrapped slice of nougatwrapped slice of pistachio nougat cakemix of wrapped slices

Soft nougat cakes are a Sara Dolciaria novelty and are made according to a traditional old recipe that respects some very important and fundamental phases.

The principle behind our top quality confectionary is Simplicity.

We only use artisan methods and simple, functional equipment.

A careful selection of raw materials guarantees our high standard of quality.

Our production process includes the human touch and much patience required by slow cooking procedures that will never be replaced, in order to safeguard the genuine and refined qualities of our complete range of products.

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