Italian Chocolate Cakes

Sara Dolciaria produces a varied selection of chocolate cakes of many different flavours and aromas that meet the requirements of all sorts of consumers, even the most demanding ones!

Italian Chocolate Cakes portioned

Italian chocolate cakesSara Dolciaria produces Chocolate Cakes MADE IN ITALY with high quality raw materials to offer a genuine and delicious product to its customers.

Chocolate cakes are about 4 kilos and are prepared in over 90 flavors!

On request all the cakes can be portioned into maximum 28 slices and individually wrapped to guarantee the freshness and the flavor.

The skill and creativity that our pastry chefs have developed over time, led to the creation of many different combinations, in order to suit every palate and to propose always new and surprising tastes.

Italian Chocolate Cakes come in many classic flavors like italian chocolate cakes with milk chocolate and hazelnut, italian chocolate cakes with pistachio, then move on to more decisive flavors like italian chocolate cakes with rum, the elegant italian chocolate cake with cream -caramel or the bitter italian chocolate cake with limoncello, as well as italian chocolate cakes with blueberries or refined italian chocolate cake with berries, for people who love original flavors and refined.

Have you already tasted the new chocolate cake with orange’s cremino?

Or the cake with milk chocolate and amaretti?

Or the chocolate cake with pistachio’s cremino?

Do not miss the coming products! ask now for the complete catalog!

Counter display of single portion chocolate bar

Counter display for chocolate barThe latest addition to our already wide products portfolio is the new counter display for chocolate bars. Our exhibitors are utmost perfect for presenting our chocolate bars, for inviting to enjoy our chocolate and discover different tastes.

The display hosts 30 chocolate bars of 100g each that can be filled up according to your requests!

In the picture we made a display with three different flavors: dark chocolate with bits of orange, white chocolate with pistachios and chocolate milk with hazelnuts.

There are many tastes, e.g. milk chocolate and dried fruit mixed, dark chocolate and pistachio, and even chocolate and licorice or white chocolate and coconut!

Do not miss even our brand new Chocolate Donuts!

Sara Dolciaria offers many tastes and many combinations; on request, we develop a customized packaging with your favorite flavors, and your company logo.

Contact us now to request your personalized price list!

Italian chocolate pralines

In addition Sara Dolciaria produces a wide range of pure chocolate and chocolate cremini starting with the original chocolate served sliced, and cremini served sliced, chocolate covered fruit, and chocolate pralines with cremini and gianduiotti.

Other niche products are:

  • Chocolate shoes
  • Scrap metal tools made of chocolate
  • Small and tender chocolate truffles produced in a range of over 40 flavours
  • Hazelnut chocolate bars,
  • Pistachio chocolate bars,
  • Forest fruit chocolate bars,
  • Chocolate flakes with hazelnuts,
  • Chocolate flakes with puffed rice
  • Chocolate flakes with pistachio nuts.


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