Welcome to Sara Dolciaria’s section dedicated to online sale for wholesale and retail chocolate, produced internally in our laboratory with quality raw materials.

The production of artisanal chocolate includes numerous products:

  • Chocolate bars;
  • Dragées;
  • Cremino bars;
  • Truffles and pralines;
  • Chocolate salami;
  • Cremino biscuit;
  • Glazed coconut bars (with or without salted butter);
  • Cremino cake (ciokocremosa);
  • Candied fruit, dehydrated and glazed (and not);
  • Discs and trays of chocolate;
  • Cremini for cutting;
  • Spreadable creams.

The sale of wholesale chocolate includes both formats for private customers and for business activities, (i.e. pastry shops, hotels, restaurants, tea rooms, delicatessens and street vendors), like the 1kg trays of chocolate, the cremino cake 4kg ciokocremosa (cut and / or packaged into slices), 10kg packs of dragées or 2.8kg and 3.3kg blister packs or 6.5kg cut cremini.

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