Italian soft nougat

Soft Nougat Made In ItalyThe nougat is a typical Italian sweet and Sara Dolciaria produces it exclusively handcrafted according to the traditional recipes, without the use of automated machinery but only with the skilful hands of its master confectioners.

The ingredients are the traditional almonds, honey, sugar and egg white, to which can be optionally added walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, candied fruit and so on!

Italian soft nougat: the Made in Italy

Sara Dolciaria is a artisan confectionery company with more of 25 years experience, and produces various types of handmade nougat, soft nougat cakes in different formats, chocolate cakes in many different flavors, pralines and chocolates, classic or sugar-free brittle bars and cakes.

All production is done strictly with Italian raw materials, the product quality is strictly controlled, and all process is according to traditional recipes of Italian craftsmanship.

The taste and the freshness of our products comes from the careful selection of ingredients and from the expert processing, in this way we produce the classic nougat crumbly and tender, the soft nougat cakes, and delicious Donuts of Nougat.

Italian soft nougat: the assortment

Sara Dolciaria produces different sizes of nougat cakes, nougat bars and single portions, here is our selection available:

Italian nougat cake with puff pastryLine CM 28

The product line “CM28” is made of round soft nougat cakes of about 4 kg available in over 116 different flavors. From the classic almond, hazelnut, pistachio up to particular tastes like black cherry, lemon, trifle, orange, lemon and exotic fruits. All cakes can be portioned up to 20 slices of about 200g each.

Italian soft nougat cake in singol sliceLine 15×30

The product line “15×30” is made of rectangular soft nougat cakes of about 2.5 kg, portioned up 16 slices of 140/160g each and packaged individually. it is available in many flavors from chocolate, coffee, banana, orange or cherry, to macaroons, pistachio or limoncello.

Italian soft nougat cake with pistachiosRound Cake 7kg

The product line “Round-7 kg” is the largest available size, it is a cake of soft nougat portioned on request up to 20 slices of 340 / 360gr each.

The available flavors are many and continuosly growing, we try to keep our website up to date but could happen to miss some flavors. You can find the ultimate expression of taste and imagination of the pairings. The company constantly invests in innovation of its products, combining the traditional nougat flavors with the flavors of pastry and the creative ones of ice cream.

Here are some of our cakes:

Monoportion of italian soft nougatMonoportion

The newest product line “monoportion” has been presented recently to TuttoFood 2015, contains an exclusive selection of our soft nougat. In the pack of 26 pieces you can find up to three assorted flavors. On request it is possible to customize the composition choosing among the many flavors available on our catalog.

The portions are available in 100g or 160g.

Italian soft nougat: shelf life and delivery

Our handmade soft nougat has a shelf life of 18 months and should be stored in cool, dry place ,.

Our products are exported all over the world, from Australia to America, and are shipped by international couriers.

We offer to all new wholesalers and retailers personalized price lists and a sampling of our products.

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