Our History

Dolciaria Sara is a small artisan family company, specialized in the production of nougat, chocolate and “brittle”.

Dolciaria Sara was founded in 1990 by Gianfranco Umberti, who has inherited the passion from his father Nazareno, master craftsman, and today Gianfranco runs his company with the help of heirs, committed to gathering their father’s wealth of knowledge, and of collaborators animated by the same passion and dedication as the founder.

Since 1990 Dolciaria Sara has been growing and expanding year on year in many European and overseas countries.

All our products are the result of ancient recipes, of precise working process and of top-quality ingredients. With our wide range products, we are sure to satisfy our demanding customers and gourmets.

We guarantee our customers constant commitment, quality, passion and innovation.

Our Product

The Nougat

Our nougat is made following the ancient recipe handed down over time. The ingredients are carefully selected among the highest quality ones, and slowly cooked following the exclusively handcrafted process.
Our specialties are the soft nougat cakes, with more than 150 flavors, e.g. tiramisu, pistachio, cream hazelnut and many others. We also produce the classic line and the sugar-free nougat.

The Chocolate

Our specialties are soft chocolate cream cakes, made in milk, white and dark chocolate, in more than 50 different flavors, “cremini” and our creations such as “porchetta”, “mortadella”, donuts and “cacciatorini”.
We also offer candied fruits covered of chocolate, the “tartufini”, pralines, and tablets of chocolate.

The Brittle

Our brittle is the simple union of caramelized sugar with dried fruits, or with particular alternatives such as popcorn, sesame and cocoa beans.
Our “brittle” is handmade, cooked in a copper pot and it is constantly followed by our master craftsmen. We offer the classic crispy sticks, cakes, dried fruit praline and grains.

Look at our mouth-watering cakes!