How do I order?

Orders or simple requests for information can be sent by email to the address: or by calling +39.0541.677008 2.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Professional customers can order from the single pack/box upward; for private customers we have set the minimum order at € 25.

Do you have goods ready for delivery? What is the order fulfilment time?

Except for what is present in our company store, we have no goods ready for delivery. Each order is sent to production upon acceptance. All orders are processed in a maximum 8/10 working days.

How have the products to be stored?

For storage, a cool and dry place is sufficient, during the summer it is advisable not to exceed 10/15 ° C

How do you treat allergens?

The allergens present in the product are highlighted on the label in capital letters or bold. In our premise we are working to minimize cross-contamination from gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, egg, soy and lactose.

Do you have "gluten-free" products?

Several products do not have gluten among the ingredients, we are still working to eliminate cross-contamination, but to date we can guarantee very few “gluten-free” products.

What is the expiry date of the products?

All products, if properly stored, have 18 shelf life months from production.

How are the shipments made? What are the costs of transport?

All shipments in Italy and Europe are entrusted to international couriers, delivery takes place within 24 / 48h in Italy and within a few days in Europe. Overseas shipments are agreed from time to time. The costs obviously vary from destination, weight and size of the goods. For professional customers, the costs are shared at 50% with Dolciaria Sara. For Italian private customers the costs of transport are included.

What packaging do you use?

To ensure maximum protection to our products, we pack everything in extremely resistant boxes and, except for very small orders, we put on suitable pallets.

Do you manage labels in languages other than Italian?

Yes, currently the labels are already available in English, French, Dutch and Spanish, on request we can also arrange other languages.

Can I have my own personalized label?

Yes of course, the insertion of the personalized logo and the related wording is a service that we offer free of charge to all our professional customers.

Do you have "sugar-free" products?

Yes, we have developed the “sugar-free” version for all production lines (i.e. nougat, crunchy and chocolate), which thanks to our continuous research has achieved the goodness and quality of “normal” products.

Payment methods

The payment terms for professional customers are agreed from time to time, for private customers, in addition to what is provided on the e-commerce site, in specific cases we arrange payment upon delivery.

Any problems?

Please contact us by email at: or by calling +39.0541.677008