Welcome to the section dedicated to the online sale of artisan brittle of Sara Dolciaria produced in the laboratory using only top quality tree nuts and ingredients.

The offer of artisanal brittle includes different formats:

Classic brittle bars (40g, 50g and 100g);
Classic glazed brittle bars (40gr, 80gr, 100gr and 350gr);
Sugar-free brittle bars (50g, 100g and 350g);
Brittle cakes (2k sliced, cut and / or wrapped);
Pralined tree nuts (in bags of 100gr, 150gr, 200gr, 250gr, 1kg and 9kg);
Pralined tree nuts grains (in bags of 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg and 9kg).

The brittle almond can be sold in many different formats: those for private customers (single packs or bags with sesame, pistachio and almond crunchy sticks) and those for business activities and pastry shops perfect for decorating.

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